5. February 2015 - online

An app in which we put heart & soul

Fresh from our media lab in which we constantly explore and test new ideas and developments one of our ideas finally made it into the app store: Mixus the little chef. Mixus is born out of Einhorns passion for excellent storytelling. The project is a non-profit-one aiming for quality in learning and teaching. More »

20. January 2015 - print

A conceptual quantum leap

On January 20 2015 the daily newspaper Südostschweiz was launched as well as all regional editions and partner newspapers. Based on a new editorial concept developed by editor in chief David Sieber Einhorn started the design development. With a clear mission: it´s got to be avantgarde! More »

29. October 2014 - online

Germany´s new media platform for political dialogue

The responsive website of KOMMUNAL.com encourages the users to interact with the network in an open and trustworthy manner. The Austrian Kommunal-Verlag brought Einhorn Solutions on board to develop the biggest trade journal for municipalities in Germany. Print as well as digital. More »

29. October 2014 - print

Crossmedia magazine launch

On October 29 2014 the launch of KOMMUNAL magazine was celebrated with an event in the Reichstag. In a process that took almost a year Einhorn Solutions together with publisher Michael Zimper developed the new magazine as a leading media platform for the more than 11,000 German municipalities. More »

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