27. March 2012

A visual cross-media concept for the medical journal „Ärzte Zeitung“

EINHORN SOLUTIONS wins pitch. The Ärzte Zeitung from Springer Medizin falls back on the EINHORN team.

The project comprises a visual cross-media concept for the forthcoming Ärzte Zeitung app and a redesign of the print edition. The focus is on an overarching visual concept with top priority for intuitive usability.

The Ärzte Zeitung is the only daily newspaper for physicians in Germany and provides its readers with the latest news relating to health policies, business (marketing of medical practices, etc.) and medicine in general. It keeps physicians up to date with all material information and fits perfectly into their daily routine. The print version has a very clear layout. The focus is on broad reporting on current affairs in the medical sector and on classifying what is going on. Insider information, opinions and background reports are a fixed part of the content and provide added value.

To the Ärzte Zeitung website.

The Ärzte Zeitung for the iPhone.

Springer Medizin is the leading provider of health sector information in Germany. The product range covers magazines, newspapers, books and a variety of websites for all groups of physicians, pharmacists, other health professionals and laypeople interested in medicine. All these products deliver high medical quality, state-of-the-art knowledge of medical research and excellent networking with scientific societies, professional associations, medical foundations, publishers and authors. Springer Medizin is part of Springer Science+Business Media.




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