Courage and opinions lead
to cross-media success

  • Design conception
  • Development of the design
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation and stylebook
  • Technology implementation and layouting support
  • Relaunch support and marketing

EINHORN SOLUTIONS had the honor of contributing to the success story of der Freitag – a sophisticated opinion medium. The cross-media concept and selected front pages won the 11th European Newspaper Award.

In February 2010 der Freitag was designated the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper by the Society of News Design.

With Jakob Augstein, Jörn Kabisch, art director Janine Sack and Andine Müller, EINHORN SOLUTIONS conceived the new print and web design for this weekly newspaper. The relaunch took place in February 2009 with a new layout, innovative cross-media elements, the “Alltag” (“Daily Life”) section and the opening up of the newspaper to articles expressing controversial opinions.

The website was implemented by Freshmilk Entertainment GmbH.