media-enriched portraits

  • design concept
  • frontend-development (Java)
  • support of the backend production

The Mittelbayerische Zeitung is characterised by focussing on its readers. This is also reflected in the new format “Ansichtssache“ (point of view) that offers interesting insights into the lifes of people from the region. There are portraits of people who have a distinct point of view, a perspective that might suprise if you have a look at the whole picture. Other people “just” tell their story, a story worth to be told.

All these video portraits that are published on the website are enriched with further information. The user can chose additional information from different sources: mainly articles on, but also external sources such as Wikipedia, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Also information on the person is given in the video. If available background information is given via Google-News. As soon as the user follows one of the links offered the video stops. The user can invest in further information and return to the video whenever he/she wnats to.

Einhorn Solutions designed this new format for in 2013. We were also responsible for the frontend development and supported the integration into the backend at