An app in which we put heart & soul

  • concept development
  • story idea and copywriting
  • design development
  • illustration and animation
  • programming
  • audio-editing
  • marketing and distribution

Fresh from our media lab in which we constantly explore and test new ideas and developments one of our ideas finally made it into the app store: Mixus the little chef tells the true story of a chef. Wonderfully illustrated and with an excellent narrator this app is a unique experience for the little ones. It´s an easy-to-understand yet sustainable learning experience for language and motor skills for children aged 3 and older, accompanied by many ideas and inspirations for cooking and baking for/with the whole family.

Mixus is born out of Einhorns passion for excellent storytelling and of course this project also follows our strong ethical and moral principles. The project is a non-profit-one aiming for quality in learning and teaching.

Mixus embodies a healthy diet which is key to a healthy development and upbringing of children. Children are our future. That´s why 1 EURO per app is donated to Stiftung Kinderherz.

There are already 3 episodes of Mixus published – all based on our latest experiences with tablets. There is also a website and a free iPhone-quiz.

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