Crossmedia magazine launch

  • print and digital development
  • workshops on brand, editorial concept and design
  • brand-development and multichannel-visualization
  • responsive website design
  • frontend and backend programming
  • paywall  and newsletter
  • visual storytelling
  • design system for advertisements
  • prototype for ad sales
  • documentation of the brand and design in a design manual
  • support during technical and layout production
  • training for editors (print as well as online)

The Austrian Kommunal-Verlag brought Einhorn Solutions on board to develop the biggest trade journal for municipalities in Germany. Print as well as digital.

In a process that took almost a year Einhorn Solutions together with publisher Michael Zimper and the Deutsche Städte- und Gemeindebund developed the new magazine KOMMUNAL as a leading media platform for the more than 11,000 German municipalities. The overall objective was to establish and strengthen the network.

On October 29 2014 the launch was celebrated with an event in the Reichstag.

KOMMUNAL is published monthly and is delivered to more than 100,000 main deciders in the communities. Apart from the magazine the weekly newsletter informs on the most recent topics. The responsive website encourages the users to interact with the network in an open and trustworthy manner. The communication within the community is on eye-level.

Many thanks to publisher Michael Zimper an his team for his confidence in Einhorn Solutions. We are very proud to be part of the team

Insight into the project lab:

Design development / Scribbles