Securities trading made easy

  • Development of the design
  • Launch
  • Production 3 times a year
  • Art department

EINHORN SOLUTIONS produces the new magazine Marktmacher for Börse Stuttgart, the stock exchange. Starting in October 2011 this magazine will appear three times a year explaining the stock market and other financial matters.

Unimaginably high volumes of money are moved in stock market transactions every day in Stuttgart and all over the world. But only very few people know how the complicated world of finance actually works. That is about to change. In this new magazine Börse Stuttgart explains everything about the stock market – free of charge. Marktmacher is published in cooperation with Axel Springer AG. The first edition is 36 pages long and shows, for example, why the Chinese currency could outstrip the dollar and the euro. It also explains investment strategies in such a way that laypeople, too, can learn how to preserve their assets in the face of national debts and financial crises. Large infographics are used to present complex content in a readily understandable manner.

The magazine can be ordered here free of charge.