Die WELT undergoes
a complete change

  • Prototyping, redesign, implementation
  • Fine-tuning and adaptation to all WELT titles
  • Design conception of the WELT am SONNTAG in tabloid format
  • Technology implementation and layouting support

The relaunch concept was drawn up in conjunction with EINHORN SOLUTIONS in a process lasting a good year. After developing pilot issues over a period of several months the editorial department and the EINHORN team moved on to fine-tuning and adaptation to all WELT titles. Work on the optimum content and look went on until summer 2010 and involved many color and typography tests on the rotary press and, in particular, several reader surveys. Technical implementation in the in-house editing system and layouting support for the editorial department came to a successful conclusion by November 2010.

DIE WELT was relaunched under the working title “A declaration of love to print”. The concept provides for a clear weighting in terms of content and appearance. The editorial department concentrates on one big story and only publishes short news items otherwise. All 50- to 80-line articles are banished whenever possible. From the design side this lead concept was supported by, among other things, a large, easy-to-read (body) type and an elegant, guiding color scheme for the sections (“Culture” is beige, “Business” is purple, “Sport” is green, etc.). The appearance of all WELT group titles was brought closer together in the course of the relaunch. They retain their specific character but typographically make it clear that they belong to one family.

To the “Declaration of love to the printed newspaper“.

The most extensive change in the WELT group since 1998.