This is a world constantly changing

  • design concept
  • relaunch-lab together with editorship
  • prototyping: pilot development
  • visual storytelling
  • design system for advertisements and advertising rates
  • prototype for ad sales
  • design concept and development of supplements
  • support during technical and layout production
  • monthly production

For 6 years now the Rotary Verlags GmbH has been a firm customer of EINHORN Solutions GmbH. Since then the Rotary Magazine is produced and further developed in close collaboration with the editorship on a monthly basis. With the relaunch kick-off at the end of 2014 this development has reached a new altitude – amongst other things the format was enlarged to establish a better legibility.

„This is a world constantly changing. We need to be prepared to change with“, said Rotary’s founder Paul Harris decades ago.

Since July 2015 the Rotary Magazine has new, contemporary and cosmopolitan look for more than 55.000 rotarian members in Germany and Austria. Besides the new look EINHORN has established a new page structure together with editor in chief René Nehring and his editorial department. This structure as well as the ideal legibility, information layers and prominent district reporting, were tested in several prototypes.

Many thanks to publisher Michael Möller, editor in chief René Nehring, executive director Jürgen Hopf and the whole editorial department for the confidence and trust they have placed in us for the past years.