An app in which we put heart & soul

Fresh from our media lab in which we constantly explore and test new ideas and developments one of our ideas finally made it into the app store: Mixus the little chef. Mixus is born out of Einhorns passion for excellent storytelling. The project is a non-profit-one aiming for quality in learning and teaching. Mehr »

Two persuasive concepts in one stroke

A double victory in the 2013 German Trade Press Award with DVZ and the Ärzte Zeitung. Awards for two projects from the Berlin-based media workshop EINHORN SOLUTIONS. We set the next media concept as the yardstick in both projects and delivered persuasive results. Mehr »

All our own work

Idea, script and illustration Animation Audio Design conception and development Complete technology implementation and layouting The EINHORN team has set up a multimedia publishing project. Mixus, the little cook – a book of the future for children Experiencing by playing on a tablet computer. A world focusing on healthy food for children. From the idea, [...] Mehr »

Bringing history to life

Design conception Development of the design Technology implementation and layouting For the portal, EINHORN SOLUTIONS developed an interactive graphic named “20 years since the fall of the Wall” to celebrate this historic occasion. Berlin before and after 1989. In total, 13 sites along the Berlin Wall were reconstructed as virtual scenes using a special [...] Mehr »

Focus on the reader

Cross-media design conception Development of the design Technology implementation and layouting The EINHORN SOLUTIONS team designed the “Ich bin ein Berliner” story format for the portal and set it up and programmed it in close cooperation with the publisher’s technology department. It presents the personal stories of people from the capital in the form [...] Mehr »