An app in which we put heart & soul

Fresh from our media lab in which we constantly explore and test new ideas and developments one of our ideas finally made it into the app store: Mixus the little chef. Mixus is born out of Einhorns passion for excellent storytelling. The project is a non-profit-one aiming for quality in learning and teaching. Mehr »

media-enriched portraits

design concept frontend-development (Java) support of the backend production The Mittelbayerische Zeitung is characterised by focussing on its readers. This is also reflected in the new format “Ansichtssache“ (point of view) that offers interesting insights into the lifes of people from the region. There are portraits of people who have a distinct point of view, a perspective [...] Mehr »

Two persuasive concepts in one stroke

A double victory in the 2013 German Trade Press Award with DVZ and the Ärzte Zeitung. Awards for two projects from the Berlin-based media workshop EINHORN SOLUTIONS. We set the next media concept as the yardstick in both projects and delivered persuasive results. Mehr »

Member magazine
opens its digital doors

In 2011 the Rotary Magazin launched a digital offensive together with the EINHORN team. A cross-media concept for the website, mobiles and iPads was worked out together with the editorial department and the publishing company and this is being implemented gradually. EINHORN SOLUTIONS won the pitch for the German and Austrian Rotary Clubs’ member magazine in 2009. Since then EINHORN staff have been constantly busy as consultants for the publishing company and editorial department and as the art department for the monthly print production. Mehr »