digitalization is changing the world

As a publishing agency we experience first hand how digitalization is changing the world as we know it. Old concepts fail to keep up and brand new ideas are thriving everywhere. Mehr »

This is a world constantly changing

Since July 2015 the Rotary magazine is published with its new, contemporary and cosmopolitan look. Besides the design development EINHORN has established a new page structure together with editor in chief René Nehring and his editorial department. Mehr »

Germany´s new media platform for political dialogue

The responsive website of encourages the users to interact with the network in an open and trustworthy manner. The Austrian Kommunal-Verlag brought Einhorn Solutions on board to develop the biggest trade journal for municipalities in Germany. Print as well as digital. Mehr »

Crossmedia magazine launch

On October 29 2014 the launch of KOMMUNAL magazine was celebrated with an event in the Reichstag. In a process that took almost a year Einhorn Solutions together with publisher Michael Zimper developed the new magazine as a leading media platform for the more than 11,000 German municipalities. Mehr »

Member service on all devices

Since October 2014 the Rotary magazine has a new and responsive digital look. Aimed to strengthen the service for all members and to make all information concerning rotarian membership on all devices accessible in a customized way. Mehr »