customized topic supplements

Manual Media Verlag and Einhorn offer full-service products. They developed a concept for high-quality topic supplements. These supplements offer a highly attractive advertising environment and target daily and/or weekly newspapers. Mehr »

Member magazine
opens its digital doors

In 2011 the Rotary Magazin launched a digital offensive together with the EINHORN team. A cross-media concept for the website, mobiles and iPads was worked out together with the editorial department and the publishing company and this is being implemented gradually. EINHORN SOLUTIONS won the pitch for the German and Austrian Rotary Clubs’ member magazine in 2009. Since then EINHORN staff have been constantly busy as consultants for the publishing company and editorial department and as the art department for the monthly print production. Mehr »

KfW banking group supplement for the annual award

An annual supplement for insertion in DIE WELT, among other publications, has emerged in a media partnership with Axel Springer Verlag and the KfW banking group. Since 2011 EINHORN SOLUTIONS has been developing the design and regularly producing this 24-page supplement. Every year the KfW banking group presents the KfW Award for energy-conscious construction and renovation. This is a reward for residential properties in Germany which show that high-quality, innovative building work that takes energy issues into account is possible at affordable prices. Mehr »

Securities trading made easy

EINHORN SOLUTIONS produces the new magazine Marktmacher for Börse Stuttgart, the stock exchange. Starting in October 2011 this magazine will appear three times a year explaining the stock market and other financial matters. Mehr »

Soft relaunch for the
magazine's anniversary

Impulse, the magazine for businesspeople, has been refreshed on the occasion of its anniversary with the aid of the Einhorn team. The logo has been reduced in size, leaving more room for the title. The typography has been optimized for better readability and the color scheme is warmer and more elegant – especially on the second reading level and in infographics. Mehr »