This is a world constantly changing

Since July 2015 the Rotary magazine is published with its new, contemporary and cosmopolitan look. Besides the design development EINHORN has established a new page structure together with editor in chief René Nehring and his editorial department. Mehr »

An app in which we put heart & soul

Fresh from our media lab in which we constantly explore and test new ideas and developments one of our ideas finally made it into the app store: Mixus the little chef. Mixus is born out of Einhorns passion for excellent storytelling. The project is a non-profit-one aiming for quality in learning and teaching. Mehr »

All our own work

Idea, script and illustration Animation Audio Design conception and development Complete technology implementation and layouting The EINHORN team has set up a multimedia publishing project. Mixus, the little cook – a book of the future for children Experiencing by playing on a tablet computer. A world focusing on healthy food for children. From the idea, [...] Mehr »