Mittelbayern goes responsive

On March 16th 2015 Mittelbayerische Zeitung, as one of the first local newspapers, launched a responsive website. The team of Einhorn Solutions executed, in co-operation with DUNDW, the entire development including front-end coding. Mehr »

A conceptual quantum leap

On January 20 2015 the daily newspaper Südostschweiz was launched as well as all regional editions and partner newspapers. Based on a new editorial concept developed by editor in chief David Sieber Einhorn started the design development. With a clear mission: it´s got to be avantgarde! Mehr »

storytelling for children

On December 4 2013 Karlo Clever was launched: an integrated editorial concept especially targeting children. This new read level becomes an integral part of the daily newspaper. Not only for the kids but also for all readers. Mehr »

customized topic supplements

Manual Media Verlag and Einhorn offer full-service products. They developed a concept for high-quality topic supplements. These supplements offer a highly attractive advertising environment and target daily and/or weekly newspapers. Mehr »

media-enriched portraits

design concept frontend-development (Java) support of the backend production The Mittelbayerische Zeitung is characterised by focussing on its readers. This is also reflected in the new format “Ansichtssache“ (point of view) that offers interesting insights into the lifes of people from the region. There are portraits of people who have a distinct point of view, a perspective [...] Mehr »