25. April 2017

digitalization is changing the world


Coding Kids, the new magazine about digital education. Coding Kids addresses parents, grandparents, children and teachers. We believe: being prepared for the digital future does not only mean being able to use technology. It means being able to shape technology. As a publishing agency we experience first hand how digitalization is changing the world as we know it. Old concepts fail to keep up and brand new ideas are thriving everywhere.

But what are the consequences? How do education, schools and education policy adapt to this revolution? And shouldn’t we prepare our children and teach them necessary skills to thrive in the digital world? Coding Kids is our answer to those questions.

The magazine regards itself as a trustworthy advisor for digital education. We offer parents, grandparents and teachers orientation about digital offers and products and give substantial advice regarding all things digital. We feature prominent voices of visionaries and stakeholders in the field of digital education. And we encourage children to playfully learn about technology, strengthen their enthusiasm and create curiosity.

Coding Kids is available at www.codingkids.de. A printed version will be available soon. Subscribe to our Facebook page for the latest updates.

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